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Our Valued Clients Our Valued Clients

Ciberco provide unique set of services backed by our rich IT & Marketing experience. We are not just Website Development Company; rather we develop our all projects with full marketing aspects and end-user point of view. Our dedication, integrity, honesty and our professional approach are unique and our clients trust us, this is reason why we are getting repeated business from our valued clients and also getting a great deal of new business. Thanks to everbody ! and we maintain this level of trust with our hard work.

United Services Company, Kandahar, Afghanistan
Faraz Afghan International, Houston, USA
Awanama Production & Consulting, Kabul, Afghanistan
Filling the Gaps (FTG), Kabul, Afghanistan
Suleman Arghandewal Construction Company - Kabul, Afghanistan
Barak Brothers Construction Company - Kabul, Afghanistan
Asia Global Telecom, ISP Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Sonic Waves Technologies, ISP Kandahar, Afghanistan
Overseas Global Services Company, Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Norwegian Project Office / Rural Rehabilitation Association (NPO/RRAA), Kabul Afghanistan
Haidar Jalilzada Limited, Kabul, Afghanistan
SeaLink Afghanistan - Shipping & Logistics, Kabul, Afghanistan
Blossom Group - Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan
AriaSat Ltd - ISP & ICT Solutions, Kabul, Afghanistan
AfghanMart - Supply Chain & Marketing Co. Kandahar, Afghanistan
Kamil Adil Construction Company, Kabul, Afghanistan
Haroon Popal Construction Company (HPCC), Helmand, Afghanistan
New Afghan Company, Kabul, Afghanistan
Union Pacific Group (UPG), Kabul, Afghanistan
Hameed Saeed Construction Company, Kabul, Afghanistan
Faraz Logistics Supply Service,Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Global Media Production, Kabul, Afghanistan
Waheed Wahaj Construction Company, Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Insta Telecom Limited, ISP Kabul, Afghanistan
Blue Sea Group, Kabul, Afghanistan
Shah Mohammad & Khalil Construction Company, Kabul, Afghanistan
Latifi Construction & Road Construction, Kabul, Afghanistan
Our Valued Clients
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