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Our Technical Expertise Our Technical Expertise
Ciberco International is recognized by the company’s clients for their reliability and their professionalism. Indeed, Ciberco sets great store by the quality of its personnel in order to propose the best solutions to the clients, both from a functional and technological point of view. These high standards are made possible by a number of strategic choices made by Ciberco.
The Functional Expertise
We know your business. We are able to demonstrate it by integrating the know-how that Ciberco gathered throughout the years. The knowledge of your business, of its challenges and constraints, of its mechanisms and processes, are essential to them. In that way, they are more than capable to inform you on the changes coming ahead within your sector, to advice and guide you in your strategic choices or assist you during the implementation of your business strategy. We provide consist support to our clients for getting Military business and we help our clients to get them registered at Military Business Portals and provide necessary coding.
The Technical Expertise
In order to offer as much flexibility and independence as possible to our clients, Ciberco has developed specific skills in a broad range of technologies, taking care not to be bound to a single technology supplier. The demands made by Ciberco in this respect have triggered technological choices in favour of solutions and applications that are intrinsically scalable, portable, adaptable, integrable and ergonomic.

In procedural technologies, Ciberco complies with the specific demands of each client and to the existing architecture. In particular, our experiences have allowed us to develop advanced skills in FreeHand, CorelDraw, Photoshop, XHTML, Java, PhP, SQL, Flash, XML, MS Access, FoxPro and SEO techniques… Beside IT, we pose high Business Management Skills, Data Analysis, e-Marketing, Data Mining, Project Management and HR Management.
Our Technical Expertise
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