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Afghan Helmand Builders Construction

  New York Logistics & Supply Services   SHPOUL   Bolan Brothers Construction Company   Innovative Womens Builders
www.afghanhelmand.com   www.nylssc.com   www.shpoul.org   www.bolanbrothers.com   www.womensbuilders.com
Afghan Helmand Builders Construction, Helmand, Afghanistan   New York Logistics & Supply Services, Kandahar, Afghanistan   SHPOUL, NGO...
Jalalabad, Afghanistan
  Bolan Brothers Construction Company, Helmand, Afghanistan   Innovative Womens Builders, Helmand, Afghanistan
Al-Hashim Construction Company   Ittefaq Sher Baba Limited   Afghan Advanced Global Construction Company   Afghan Quds Construction Company   Al-Khan Cars
www.ahcc-af.com   www.ittefaqsher.com   www.aagcc.net   www.afghanquds.com   www.al-khancars.com
Al-Hashim Construction Company, Kabul, Afghanistan   Ittefaq Sher Baba Limited, Kandahar, Afghannistan   Afghan Advanced Global Construction Company, Kandahar, Afghanistan   Afghan Quds Construction Company, Kandahar, Afghanistan   Al-Khan Cars, Dubai, UAE
Afghan Accenture Consulting Services   World Wide Joint Brothers Construction Company   AB Managers  

Blue Berry Corporation

  Naveed Afghan Transport Company
www.afghanacs.com   www.wwjbcc.com   www.abm.af   www.blueberry-corp.com   www.natc-af.com
Afghan Accenture Consulting Services, Kabul, Afghanistan   World Wide Joint Brothers Construction Company, Kandahar, Afghanistan   AB Managers,
Kabul , Afghanistan
  Blue Berry Corporation,
Kabul , Afghanistan
  Naveed Afghan Transport Company , Kandahar, Afghanistan
Helmand Alokozay Global Construction Co, Helmand, Afghanistan   Baray Construction Agency & Equipment Provider   Nezam Group of Companies   Insta Telecom Limited   Kamil Adil Construction Co.
www.hagcc.org   www.bcaep.org   www.nezamgroup.com   www.instatelecom.com   www.kamiladil.com
Helmand Alokozay Global Construction Co, Helmand, Afghanistan   Baray Construction Agency & Equipment Provider, Kandahar, Afghanistan   Nezam Group of Companies, Kabul , Afghanistan   Insta Telecom Limited,
Kabul, Afghanistan
  Kamil Adil Construction Co.
Kabul, Afghanistan
Isnad Contracting Company, Iraq   Faisal Ehsan Logistics Services Co.   Kandahar Al-Dubai Logistics Services Company   Awanama Production & Consulting   Ray Construction Development Company, Afghanistan
www.al-isnad.com   www.felsc-af.com   www.kalsc.org   www.awanama.com   www.rcdc.af
Al-Isnad Conctraing Company, Baghdad,
  Faisal Ehsan Logistics Services Co. (FELSC), Afghanistan   Kandahar Al-Dubai Logistics Services Company, Kandahar, Afghanistan   Awanama Production & Consulting, Afghanistan   Ray Construction Development Company (RCDC), Afghanistan
Faraz Afghan International, USA   Suleman Arghandewal Construction Company   Filling the Gaps (FtG)   Wright Brothers Construction Company   Asia Global Telecom
www.fai.us.com   www.sacc-af.net   www.ftg-screening.com   www.wrightbrothers.co   www.asiaglobalnet.co
Faraz Afghan International - Houston, USA   Suleman Arghandewal Construction Company - Kabul, Afghanistan   Filling the Gaps (FtG), Afghanistan   Wright Brothers Construction Company (WBCC),
Kabul, Afghanistan
  Asia Global Telecom
Jalalabad based Wireless Broadband Internet Services Providers, Afghanistan
Barak Brothers Construction Company   Norwegian Project Office / Rural Rehabilitation   Haidar Jalilzada Limited   Blossom Group   AriaSAT Ltd
www.barakbrothers.com   www.nporraa.org.af   www.haidarjalilzada.com   www.blossom-group.org   www.ariasat.af
Barak Brothers Construction Company - Kabul,
  Norwegian Project Office / Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan
Afghanistan - NGO
  Haidar Jalilzada Limited
Supply Chain Company
  Blossom Group
Afghanistan Leading Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan
  AriaSAT Ltd
ISP & ICT Solutions
SeaLink Afghanistan   Haroon Popal Construction Company (HPCC)   Overseas Global Services   Sonic Waves Technologies   Hameed Saeed Construction Company
www.sealink.com.af   www.haroonpopal.com   www.ogs-af.com   www.swt.us.com   www.hscco.net
SeaLink Afghanistan
Afghanistan Leading Shipping & Logistics Co.
  Haroon Popal Construction Company (HPCC),
  Overseas Global Services
Supply Chain Company
Jalalabad, Afghanistan
  Sonic Waves Technologies
Kandahar based Wireless Broadband Internet Services Providers, Afghanistan
  Hameed Saeed Construction Company
Kabul, Afghanistan
United Services Company   Faraz Logistics Supply Service   OBO Water & Energy   New Afghan Company   Waheed Wahaj Construction Company
www.usc-af.com   www.flssc.com   www.oboafghanistan.com   www.newafghanco.com   www.waheedwahaj.com
United Services Company
Kandahar, Afghanistan
  Faraz Logistics Supply Service,
Jalalabad, Afghanistan
  OBO Water & Energy
  New Afghan Company
  Waheed Wahaj Construction Company
Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Afghan Mart   Advanced Business Consulting   Blue Sea Group   Abdul Rahim Zai Limited   Union Pacific Group (UPG)
www.afghanmart.net   www.abc.com.af   www.bluesea-group.com   www.arz-af.com   www.upgaf.com
  Advanced Business Consulting
Kabul, Afghanistan
  Blue Sea Group
Kabul, Afghanistan

  Abdul Rahim Zai Limited
Kabul, Afghanistan
  Union Pacific Group (UPG)
Combat Construction Co.   Hamed Warasta Group   Shah Mohammad & Khalil Construction Company   Global Media Production   Latifi Construction & Road Construction
combat-construction.com   www.hwgrp.com   www.smkcc.net   globalmediaproduction.net   www.lcrcc.com.af
Combat Construction Co.
Kabul, Afghanistan
  Hamed Warasta Group
Kabul, Afghanistan
  Shah Mohammad & Khalil Construction Company
Kabul, Afghanistan
  Global Media Production
Kabul, Afghanistan
  Latifi Construction & Road Construction
Kabul, Afghanistan
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